Our staff, led by Walter in the kitchen and Roberto in front of house, are charming, enthusiastic and completely dedicated to making every meal you have with us an exceptional experience. Our cosy dining rooms are warm and welcoming in colder weather, while from spring to autumn you can sit outside on our terrace, enjoying the Italian sunshine and watching the village go by.

From delicate soufflés to delightfully indulgent pasta dishes, lightly grilled tuna steaks to traditional Tuscan roasts, exquisitely indulgent desserts to a superbly stocked cheese board, we pride ourselves on a consistently wide-ranging menu which truly caters to all tastes.

Whether you’re in the mood for a light lunch or a four-course dinner, we can suit all tastes. The specials change on a daily basis, and our sommelier will happily assist you with wine choices and pairings to suit your palate and your budget.


We make all our dishes in house, from the antipasti to the desserts, using only the best and freshest market-fresh meats, vegetables and fish. At Fuoripiazza, you will find not just classic dishes from Chianti but the whole of Tuscany, and sometimes a doff of the cap to other cultures.

In order to give our customers the widest range of choice, we offer two separate menu categories. There’s always a traditional, seasonal local menu, with classic specialities such as chicken liver crostini, ribollita soup made with kale and Tuscan bread, our signature risotto made with Chianti Classico and crispy prosciutto, and the world-renowned bistecca Fiorentina, the best T-bone steak you’ll ever eat. Or try our tagliata, the equally famous fillet steak lightly grilled and served on a bed of rocket, garnished with extra-virgin olive oil and freshly-picked rosemary.

But we pride ourselves equally on our daily specials, with a particular emphasis on fish. Oysters so fresh they taste of the sea; spaghetti with clams (vongole), a perennial favourite; a squid ink risotto garnished with prawn tartare; roast deer with pomegranate sauce. Mix and match however you want, but leave space for our famous desserts, including the always popular homemade tiramisu.


We can select the ideal bottle of wine for your tastes and budget, or suggest the perfect glass to complement each of your courses. Why not start with an aperitivo – a glass of rosé champagne or a bright orange spritz?

There’s a whole range of Chianti Classico wine and varietals from Italy, France and Germany to choose from for your meal, and for your dessert, we have a deliciously fragranced passito, a whole range of indulgently sweet, rich pudding wines, even a Strega to pair with your Zuccotto, a layered sponge cake infused with the same liqueur.

From antipasto to after-dinner drinks, we take you on a journey of superbly blended flavours, every delicious bite enhanced by an equally delightful sip of wine.


Fresh, seasonal, and packed with flavour